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NCAA Football 11
Official NCAA Football 11 blog launches
  EA Sports have launched their official NCAA Football 11 blog. EA had previously announced a bunch of small additions to the game - including refs on the field during gameplay - and have added some new details including specific information about player equipment.

It's early March, and If you are reading this post it's a safe bet that you are pretty hardcore about NCAA Football, so let's start things off with a few of the improvements we are adding that you the fans have been asking for. This is just the first taste of a long list of additions for this year's game, so before anyone gets up in arms about something not being in this year's game just remember, it's a long way until July.
PlayStation blog PSN
PS3 issue resolved
  Late last evening the following update was posted on the official PlayStation blog regarding the earlier PlayStation Network reported issues. ..More  
Sony PlayStation 3 network
Sony make statement on PS3 problem
  From late last night, reports started appearing across the internet about an error that many PlayStation 3 gamers were seeing when they tried to connect online. Within hours, as the volume of reports increased dramatically it became clear that the problem seemed to be affecting a much broader group than those simply trying to connect to the PlayStation Network. It now appears that it might take as long as 24 hours for this problem to be fixed, according to a post by Sony on their official PlayStation blog today. ..More  
NCAA 11 screenshot
First NCAA 11 screenshot
  The first screenshot of NCAA 11 has been posted on ESPN Videogames. It's an impressive looking image and along with the first image of the game, EA has also chosen this ESPN article to announce some new additions to the game for this years iteration.

"ESPN caught up with producers Haumiller and Russ Kiniry to get the dirt on some of the improvements being made to "NCAA Football 11" that they will be blogging about for EA Sports beginning next week. And while a slew of much bigger features will be announced in the near future, anyone who plays the game passionately will find some additions to the game in this list that have been sorely needed for years."
FIFA 10 Ultimate Team Q&A
  ESPN Videogames has posted a Q&A with Ultimate Team 2010 lead producer Paul Hossack. ..More  
NFL mock draft
Mock draft update
  You can follow the mock draft that is currently underway over on the forums to see who the members are picking and how the draft is progressing. ..More  
Skate interview video
Skate 3 gameplay
  Enjoy "Skate 2" ? Then you'll be pleased to hear that Skate 3 is well into development and a video has appeared on Eurogamer featuring some gameplay. It doesn't look dramatically different from Skate 2 so hopefully there are plenty of new features coming our way. Giant Bomb also posted an interview with the developers.  
Madden DLC Ultimate
EA makes changes to Ultimate Team
  EA is adapting the Ultimate Team DLC to accommodate issues as they arise. In a forum post at, developer Josh Looman posted "I wanted to let you guys know that we've made a major change to how contracts work in online games to hopefully combat problems with disconnects and quitters." Sounds promising...  
02/19 FIFA Ultimate Team Blog
  FIFA Ultimate Team is almost here. In their latest preview blog, EA explains the tournament structure that is available for your team to compete in.

"There will be new Featured Tournaments released each week. Within the game, you’ll see announcements on what tournament is coming up next, what the reward structure is like, and what kind of a team you will need to compete. We will announce these a few days before the tournament, so everyone has some time to build their best teams. These tournaments will also only be open for a limited time, so you’ll have to act fast! Only the best Ultimate Teams will have all the trophies!"
news sports gaming
Need more sports gaming news ?
  Our new parent site,, is a sports gaming blog covering all angles of sports gaming news - beyond just EA. If you haven't yet checked it out, make sure you do today.  
Madden 11 video
What do the pro's want from Madden 11 ?
  IGN has posted up a video from the recent Madden Bowl event in Florida where they spoke to a bunch of NFL stars about their hopes for Madden NFL 11. Among the players they talk to are Chris Johnson, Mark Sanchez and Miles Austin.  
Madden roster update
Retired players returning to Madden 10 rosters
  The word is that the final Madden 10 roster update might not in fact be the last, as we reported. A campaign to reinstate the retired players who were removed, most notably Cardinals QB Kurt Warner. EA is also currently working on an updated roster for the online franchise mode and we'll have details of both rosters once they become available.  
FIFA online quitters
EA to tackle FIFA quitters
  Ever since there's been online gaming, there's been quitters. You can't avoid them. Play a competitive game online and once you go ahead, the inevitable happens - your opponent disconnects rather than take a loss. That might all be about to change, however. ..More  
NCAA college lawsuit
Lawsuit Could Change EA's Relationship with NCAA
  As former college athletes sign up to take legal action against EA for apparently using their "likeness" in a videogame without their consent, Gamespy reports on how those athletes have won round 1 of the dispute - albeit a small moral victory - in a story that has the potential to change future college sports videogames.

"EA and the NCAA sought to have the cases [brought against them by several college athletes], which presiding U.S. District Court Judge Claudia Wilken combined into one suit, dismissed. They argued that O'Bannon and other NCAA athletes forfeit their commercial rights when they sign a release permitting the association to use their images in promotional activities. Judge Wilken denied the motion yesterday, forcing EA and the NCAA to prove they don't use the likenesses of college athletes in games."
02/11 NCAA Basketball is history ?
  A report on Gameinformer appears to confirm that EA has chosen to end the NCAA Basketball videogame series following disappointing sales of NCAA Basketball 10. At least for the time being as it is absent from its 2011 lineup of scheduled releases. GI quotes EA Sports senior director of communications David Tinson with the following comments : "We do not have an NCAA Basketball game in development at this time, and we're currently reviewing the future of our NCAA Basketball business. This was a difficult decision, but we remain a committed partner to the NCAA and its member institutions."  
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