Created : Saturday, February 19 2005
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Publisher : EA Sports Developer : EA Sports Released : 08/12/2002

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For more than a decade, Madden NFL Football has delivered the most authentic, most realistic football game with unmatched feature sets and detail, and the dominance continues with Madden NFL 2003.

Now, with more depth and polish, faster gameplay, jaw-dropping graphics and animations, realistic player AI, and in-depth play modes, Madden NFL Football remains the undisputed leader in authentic NFL football simulation.


* All-New Mini-Camp Mode - Features John Madden's Cruiser Tour Bus traveling to all NFL cities to complete skilled tasks. Take control of players in practice gear and become an expert in all player positions in your ultimate goal to earn unique Madden cards.
* Create-A-Playbook - Customize receiver routes, player formations, and your team's entire playbook. Create virtually any play imaginable and play it on the field immediately.
* Improved Graphics and Presentation - New signature player animations like sidearm QBs, gang-tackling, stand-still receiver catches; new cut scenes with high-poly cheerleaders and additional emotion-based bench scenes; more than 300 realistic player faces; cinematic approach to camera positions gives new, more natural feel.
* Dramatic Presentation - Cinematic camera shots give a more natural look to the game, while new, high-drama replays, improved player faces and eye tracking, and dramatically improved crowds, grass, and lighting makes this a game like no other.
* Audio Dream Team - The Monday Night Football team of John Madden and Al Michaels handles commentary, with dynamic play-by-play and more analysis than ever before. New audio engine delivers appropriate commentary based on current game situation and player/team statistics. Greater use of on-field player sounds, including player banter, offensive and defensive audible calls, crushing hits and improved crowd reaction sounds.
* New Gameplay Mechanics - Faster game speed; players follow through, making hits on people without the ball; tighter control with quicker animations and reduced player momentum; more finely tuned passing game; independent audibles for defensive line, linebackers, and defensive backs.
* Franchise Mode

Publisher : EA Sports
Developer : EA Sports
Released : 08/12/2002
Game Type : FOOTBALL
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